Faculty of Literature and Faculty of Journalism and Communication received the accreditation certificate of AUN-QA

In the morning of January 22nd, at the AUN-QA Quality Certificate Award Ceremony for institutions and training programs level, The Faculty of Journalism and Communication and Faculty of Literature received the AUN-QA Certificate for their two training programs.



Faculty of Journalism and Communication and Faculty of Literature at the Ceremony. Photo: Ho Hien


At present, the Faculty of Literature is offering two training programs: literature and Han Nom; with more than 40 lecturers, nearly 100 students and PhD candidates. This is one of the most long-standing and well-disciplined basic training program at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Faculty of Journalism and Communication has trained nearly 1,000 students (regular, second degree and in-service programs in Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces in the South, Central and Highland Regions). Up to now, the Faculty of Journalism and Communication has trained nearly 1,500 bachelors in journalism, providing high quality human resources for the national press.


To achieve AUN-QA certification, Dr. Le Quang Truong - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Literature - said: "All lecturers and students of the Faculty of Literature have made great efforts in teaching and training. The Faculty of Literature has made improvedteaching curriculum in term of quality and research. Receiving the AUN-QA certificate has tremendouslymotivatedthe whole faculty. Especially,graduates are allowed to study directly master degree without taking the entrance test.


At the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Vo Van Sen - Secretary of the Party Committee, President of the University emphasized: "The certificate of the prestigious AUN-QA marks the milestone of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in the process of intensive international integration. International standardizing is to measure our ability to reach regional level and global level. Our AUN-QA accredited programs are internationally recognized, so the value of each bachelor is therefore also international".



 Prof.Dr. Vo Van Sen - Party Secretary, President of USSH attended the ceremony. Photo: Ho Hien


Up to now, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities has 6 AUN-QA accredited programs including: Vietnamese Studies, English Language, International Relations, Social Work, Journalism and Communication and Literature. The University’s objective is that all training programswill be accredited by AUN-QA.

Representatives of AUN-QA and other representatives from USSH. Photo: Ho Hien

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