Current Students

The Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, an affiliate institution of Vietnam National University HCMC, has an enrollment of over 22,000 degree candidates, including full-time, second-degree, in-service (part-time) and academic upgrading (upgrading a 3-year college degree to a 4-year college) students. The university is known for its students’ proactive, innovative, and resourceful character with areas of excellence ranging from social activities, research to international integration. These prominent features can be drawn from its famed legacy and history.
With more than half a century of establishment and development, the University has breezed through some important stages: first as the University of Saigon Faculty of Letters, and then the Ho Chi Minh City University, and now the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities. The University has made huge contributions to the development of Vietnam’s higher education, and become part of Vietnam’s revolutionary history. 

Upon its inception, the Faculty of Letters (the predecessor) attracted many leading professors and scholars across South Vietnam. Plenty of school’s valuable research on Vietnamese culture, literature, and philosophy came into publication during pre-1975 period. This historical stage also saw the school as the birthplace of students-led patriotic movements in Saigon due to its geographical location in the tri-college area of District 1: Faculty of Letters-Medical and Pharmaceutical University-College of Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Sciences, renowned for its student movements.

The school’s student union is one of the leading student organizations nationwide with countless pioneering activities. The University is the place where the student-organized Voluntary Spring campaign was born and then spread around the country. Other inspiring, fun-filled student activities are the Oriental Cultures Festival, the Vietnamese Studies Day, the Anthropology Festival, the Sociology Festival, Culture Meeting Point and the like. 
The students majoring in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Thai and Indonesian linguistics and literature have found the University a perfect place to be immersed in a multicultural, eventful academia and a community’s diversity of interests. 

Annually, hundreds of the University’s students take part in overseas exchange programs in various countries and territories. Besides, the number of students receiving overseas scholarships and grants is relatively large compared to other institutions. 

Please join us for a multicultural collegiate community at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU-HCM.
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