USSH welcomed Saint Petersburg State University Delegates

On 30th June, Sain Petersburg State University (SPBU) delegates team led by Katanandov Sergey Leonidovich visited and worked with USSH.


                                   Dr. Phan Thanh Dinh – Vice President of USSH – welcomed SPBU delegates – Pic: HOANG HUY


SPBU’s delegates were led by Mr. Katanandov Sergey Leonidovich – Special Envoy of Sain Petersburg Governor; Doctor of Science, Prof. Kolotov Vladimir Nikolaievich – Head of Oriental Countries Faculty, President of Ho Chi Minh Institute (at Saint Petersburg State University) – with other delegates from commissions in international relationships, healthcare, industrial policies and innovation of Saitn Petersburg City and other distinguished guests.


From VNUHCM and USSH, Dr. Le Thanh Long – Head of International Relationships (VNUHCM); Dr. Phan Thanh Dinh – Vice Presdident of USSH; M.A. Nguyen Thu Huong – Head of International Cooperation and International Project Development Department; Dr. Nguyen Vu Huong Chi – Head of Russian Faculty; M.A. Tran Nam – Head of Communication and Events Department jointly welcomed the delegate team.


At the meeting, Dr. Phan Thanh Dinh emphasized the long-standing and close relationship between Russia and Vietnam in many fields such as cultures, tourism and education, etc. Dr. Dinh expressed USSH’s joy in hosting Saint Petersburg delegates and hopes that delegates felt at home in the visit.


Dr. Nguyen Vu Huong Chi briefly presented training syllabues of Russian Faculties, expressing expectations that there will be more exchange programs for students from two countries, particularly from USSH and SPBU.


Mr. Katanandov Sergey Leonidovich communicated his excitement in visting and working with USSH. He emphasized the diplomatic relationship between thw two countries, Vietnam and Russia during past years, emphasized the critical role of Ho Chi Minh in establishing and maintaing the diplomatic relationships for two countries and he considered Vietnam as “a close friend” of his country. He also disclosed that Russian leaders highly appreciated their country’s history and the relationship with Vietnam.


According to Mr. Katanandov Sergey Leonidovich, Saint Petersburg promises to promote youth exchange to connect and build strong affliation for two cities (Saint Petersburg and Ho Chi Minh City). In the coming period, Saint Petersburg will send 3 students to study at USSH, VNUHCM.


Prof. Scientific Doctor in History Kolotov Vladimir Nikolaievich made a presentation on perspicacious Ho Chi Minh’s ideology in the struggle to liberate Vietnam people.


To end the meeting, Saint Petersburg delegates visited Traditional Wall displaying Saigon – Gia Dinh – Ho Chi Minh City student movements in USSH campus. 


Some other pictures:

                                The meeting with Saint Petersburg delegates (Russia) at USSH campus – Pic: HOANG HUY


                          Mr. Katanandov Sergey Leonidovich expressed his joy in visiting and working with USSH – Pic: HOANG HUY


                            The presentation by Prof. Doctor of Science in History Kolotov Vladimir Nikolaievich – Pic: HOANG HUY


                          Prof. Doctor of Science Tran Ngoc Them (USSH) emotionally recalled his studying in Russia – Pic: HOANG HUY


                                          Mr. Katanandov Sergey Leonidovich sent sourvenirs for USSH – Pic: HOANG HUY


                                  Delegates taking photographs at Yard B – Dinh Tien Hoang Campus (USSH) – Pic: HOANG HUY


      Delegates taking photographs at Traditional Wall displaying Sai Gon – Gia Dinh – Ho Chi Minh City student movements in USSH campus – Pic: HOANG HUY


Discussing with Saint Petersburg delegates, Dr. Phan Thanh Dinh hoped that delegates considered the visit as a “visit to a close friend’s home” – Pic: HOANG HUY



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