Inspiration talk “Meeting Your Mentor”

On 22 August 2018, more than 440 students attending the workshop “Meeting Your Mentor” Hall C (Linh Trung-Thu Duc Campus). Speaker of the workshop is Mr. Tran Van Lieng – Chairman of Board of Directors, CEO of Cocoa Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai – Vice Dean of Korean Studies Department and M.A. Bui Phan Khanh – Deputy Head of Student Affairs Deparrment also attended the workshop.

At the talk, the speaker presented about start-up isses. Mr. Tran Van Lieng stated that startup is to create new values. Thus, starting a business requires robust innovation.

Addressing questions about advantages of USSH graduates for starting a business, Mr. Lieng believed that: “USSH students are different from students at technology and economics schools in that they receive training in humans and humanity. Starting a business involves working closely with different kinds of people and the ultimate aim of start-up is to serve people. USSH helps to shape his humanitarian perspective on entrepreneurship.”

As a graduate from formerly National University HCMC (currently USSH), Mr. Lieng encouraged USSH students to be pro-active in seeking first hand experiences as knowledge from these experiences are more valuable and deeply ingrained. USSH students are criticized for being apprehensive and theoretical in their working approach.

Besides stories from his entrepreneur experiences, the speaker gave valuable advice to students as a recruiter. The formula A.S.K: Attitude – Skill – Knowledge are criteria recruiters usually seek candidates. Among the three values, the speaker specifically emphasized the importance of attitude. In his opinion, an employee with favorable attitudes is more likely to achieve successful progress.

Speaker Tran Van Lieng is the founder of Rookie Marketing Competition, which an arena for students to approach working realities, apply their formal knowledge, solve problems and develop business strategies.


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