More opportunities for USSH students to study and work in Japan

​Ms. Yunko Kagawa – President of Meros Language School (Japan) – met with USSH’s Board of Supervisors on 15 June to discuss study and working opportunities for USSH students in Japan.

Ms. Yunko Kagawa – President of Meros Language School- Pic: HIEU TIEN 

Doctor, Associate Professor, President Ngo Thi Phuong Lan; Dr., Assoc. Prof., Former President Vo Van Sen; M.A. Nguyen Thu Huong, Head of International Cooperation and International Project Development; Dr. Huynh Trong Hien, Dean of Japanese Faculty represented USSH to welcome Ms. Yunko Kagawa.


In previous partnership programs with Meros Language School, junior and senior students at Japanese Faculty can study at Meros School for one year in Japan.


After ending the school year in Japan, students are obliged to go back to Vietnam and graduate at USSH. At the meeting, Ms. Yunko Kagawa mentioned greater partnership between two schools, facilitating students to find jobs in Japan after they finish their study.


As a result, with their extensive network with Japanese enterprises, Meros School can help to connect graduates with companies, assisting seniors (who have graduated at Vietnam) in finding jobs after one year studying at Meros School.


Meros President emphasized that given successful partnership, the first cohort of this program will start in October 2019 and there are expected to be 5-10 students signing up for the program.


USSH’s supervisors hope for more partner opportunities between two parties in the coming period - Pic: HIEU TIEN


Dr. Asso. Prof. Ngo Thi Phuong Lan informed that in administrative matters, USSH are not responsible for graduates. However, USSH will support graduates in legal matters and facilitate Meros School in connecting and designating appropriate students for the program.


When the program is enacted, Meros School needs to make information regarding syllabus, part-time jobs (while studying at the school in Japan) and enterprises where graduates will work after graduation will be fully disclosed to students.


USSH, Vietnam National University HCM and Meros Language School have been partners for about 10 years. Dr. Prof. Vo Van Sen believed that this meeting is significantly meaningful, featuring a milestone in the partnership. Professor hoped that the two parties maintain their close relationship in the tenure of Dr. Assoc. Pro Ngo Thi Phuong Lan.



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