The Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between the USSH and Chosun University (Korea)

On May 25, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chosun University (Korea)to strengthen scientific cooperation between the two universities.



 Overview of the signing ceremony - Photo: USSH


Prof. Kang Dong Oan (on the right) and Prof. Jung Hyun Shik of Chosun University discusses cooperation between the two universities - Photo: USSH

The MoU would offer multiple opportunities for joint research activities, which are top priorities of the two universities in areas of exchanging PhD candidates, publishing scientific research findings in Korea, etc..  


On the side of Chosun University,attending the signing ceremony were Prof. Kang Dong Oan-  Rector, Dr. Park Sang Soon - Head of Office of International Cooperation, Prof. Jung Hyung Shik - Head of Office of Graduate Affairs. From the USSH, attending the ceremony were Prof. Vo Van Sen - Rector, Mr. Bang Anh Tuan - Head of Office of International Cooperation & Project Development, and Ms. Le Phuong Thao - Director of Center for Korean Studies.  


Prof. Vo Van Sen highly appreciated the efforts of Chosun University in cooperating with the USSH in building the Korean Language Center as well as organizing multiple joint seminars. The USSH hoped to introduce more Vietnamese students to Korea for knowledge and cultural exchange, then introduce more PhD.candidates to applying for short-term programs at Chosun University.    


In addition, the USSH also suggested collaboration in publication ofworks in three languages: English, Korean and Vietnamese. This is the first time the USSH called for cooperation in the field of publishing in a hope to enhance book publication on a larger scale professionally.      


In response to the above suggestions, Prof. Kang Dong Oan introduced more activities for international students:  Summer Camp (for 1 to 3 weeks) and H.O.T (Hang Out Together) program to help students understand more about Korean culture. At the meeting, Chosun University also invited the University of Social Sciences and Humanities for cooperation in establishing the Korea –Viet Nam Institute, which will be funded by the Korean government.  


Prof. Hong Sung Geum (on the right) and Associate Prof. Vo Van Sen signed the MoU - Photo: USSH 



The signing ceremony was a success with more collaborative projects aimed at fostering academic ties between two universities in the near future.

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