USSH is a trustful destination for many politicians at home and abroad, for learners from 95 countries and territories around the world

Speech by Prof.Dr. Ngo Thi Phuong Lan - USSH President at Opening Ceremony for the Academic Year 2018-2019


HE Truong Tan Sang, Former member of Vietnam’s Communist Party Politburo, Former President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

HE Prof. Dr. Huynh Thanh Dat, member of the Central Communist Party Executive Committee, Secretary of VNUHCM Communist Party Executive Committee, VNUHCM President;

Distinguished representatives and guests, teachers and students, especially 250 newly-enrolled  undergraduate- graduate-postgraduate students present today representing over 3,000 undergraduate- graduate-postgraduate students  who successfully passed the entrance examination/selection process in the new academic year;

On behalf of the University Board of Presidents, I would like to warmly welcome and thank the leaders, guests, teachers and students who attend this important ceremony sharing the joy at the University of over 60 years of formation and development – a liberal arts-model university with great contributions to the history of Vietnamese education in terms of high-quality human resources, historical traditions, profound cultural and scientific values!

As a member of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, the University is the largest center offering training in social sciences and humanities throughout the South of Vietnam. It is a trustful destination for many politicians at home and abroad, for learners from 95 countries and territories around the world. The University is indeed a place to gather many famous scientists and acclaimed teachers to come to teach, do do research, to produce a myriad of research works of high academic values, both basic and applied research, practically contributing to the building of the advanced Vietnamese culture deeply imbued with national identities, and building the political and mental life of Vietnamese society.

The University's academic achievements can be exemplified in such vivid examples as the success, beyond imagination, of USSH alumni at all walks of life of Vietnam and the world. Over the past 60 years, USSH alumni have harvested unprecedented accomplishments in the fields of science - education, politics - society, economy, culture - arts, and international integration.

In order to continue to hightlight and promote the indispensable role of alumni in the development of the University, starting from this academic year, the University will invite alumni to come to the Academic Year Opening Ceremony to convey messages of fire to light inspirations of dedication, commitment and social responsibility. Today, to our deep honor, we welcome H.E. Truong Tan Sang – Former member of Vietnam’s Communist Party Politburo, Former President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and one of the 60 prominent alumni of the University to attend the Academic Year Opening Ceremony and deliver the congratulations remarks for a full-bloom academic year.

Kindly give a big round of welcoming applause!


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Inheriting these important achievements, in the face of the new requirements of social development and of higher education development, in the 2018-2019 academic year, the University identifies the following major focuses:

1. Implementing university autonomy path. The University determines that this is a great policy and can strongly promote the development of the University in line with the current trend of higher education in Vietnam.


2. Continuing to update and renew curricula and standardize teaching staff and training support staff. To concretize the educational philosophy  "whole person – liberal – multicultural" which encompasses the intension on knowledge, ways of thinking and methodology in order to train bachelors, masters and doctors with the ability to adapt to various different sectors of the society.


3. Promoting the viewpoints of top scientific research and of community service, giving advice for the process of planning and implementing policies of provinces and cities in the South; supporting the improvement of research and publication capacity locally and internationally for teachers; developing scientific research and publication activities for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students;


4. Well implementing counseling and supporting work for students; Working out the project "Enhancing Vietnamese higher education system to increase employment opportunities and start-up skills for students upon graduation"; better mobilizing resources for scholarships to support students and foster the development of talented students, etc.


5. Continuing to expand the network of international partners in training, research to positively contribute to the implementation of the country's policies of foreign affairs, integration, educational exchanges.


6. Implementing the planning, improving the system of facilities in the direction of creating a green and friendly learning environment deeply engraved with humane imprints. In details, the University will build the Linh Trung – Thu Duc campus into a model campus, create green, beautiful and fresh landscapes for the campus, etc. including the USSH Garden which is planted with many kinds of plants from all over the country collected from teachers’ field works and business trips or internships of undergraduate-graduate-postgraduate students, alumni, parents and USSHlovers.


Dear representatives and teachers, in the tradition of the University, please give me as USSH President your permission to convey a few words to the newly-enrolled students, graduate and postgraduate students who are present today, representing new vitality, new hope for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Dear students,

On behalf of the University Board of Presidents, teachers and staff, I warmly congratulate all of you who have been admitted to different training levels of an esteemed University as this marks one of the extraordinary turning points of decisive meanings in the life of yours.

As you know, our University is a research-oriented university, a high-quality training University in the higher education system of the country which is on the way to strongly flourish up to the region’s standards. The University offers an environment giving prominence to scientific debates to clarify the truth: not only teaching but also discussions, debates including scientific argumentation and reasonning, etc. are of significant importance. Luckily, our University is richly basked in friendly and scientific atmosphere towards development. In fact, scientific debates are the key to unlock the truth, to solve the problems posed by current situations.

Actually, this lively and constantly changing life sets the stage for great but exciting challenges that require those involving in higher education work to find solutions and work them out for development. Social sciences and humanities are extremely important components apart from science and technology, natural sciences, etc.

Be proud that you are on the way to a journey to explore human knowledge which is hard but glorious. Each of you, set yourself the owner of your life and have great sense of responsibility to work together to build this society for a better and more humane society.

To meet the above-mentioned expectation, you should immediately embark on doing the most practical things in this journey: determine the plan of learning; train yourself to cultivate yourself; firmly grasp the knowledge teachers light on you; promote the spirit of self-study, self-research, of scientific debates; gain many experiences to identify own strengths to foster and own weaknesses to overcome; master at least one foreign language; train yourself to adapt to changes in the multicultural environment created in the industrial revolution 4.0. You are not alone in this journey to unlock the future, but having us as your companions.

And most importantly, you are now an important part of the University. I believe and hope that you will develop the sense of ownership of our beloved University and determine to build this University on par with world-acclaimed training centers.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On this important event, on behalf of the University Board of Presidents, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the domestic and international institutions, organizations and maecenas for your continuous concerns, special assistance, whole-hearted and effective supports for the University’s educational cause.  We hope to continue receiving the support, cooperation, companionship and valuable help from all of you.

Today, in the exciting atmosphere following fantastic achievements of 2017-2018 academic year, on behalf of the University Board of Presidents, I announce the opening of the new 2018-2019 academic year of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City.

Once again, I would like to extend the best wishes to distinguished leaders and representatives for good health, happiness and success; to teachers, for sound health and many more achievements in research and teaching.

To all the undergraduate-graduate-postgraduate students, best wishes for accomplishments in your studies, self-training and self-cultivating to be worthy of the glorious tradition of USSH, VNUHCM.

Thank you very much!


By USSH President

Prof.Dr. Ngo Thi Phuong Lan





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