Development Strategies

“Strategies for economic – social development in 2011-2015” introduced in the 11st National Delegate Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party (January 2011) affirms the objective on “Improving manpower’s quality, renovating comprehensively and developing rapidly the educational and training systems”. The represented document states clearly as “Developing education must be the prerequisite national policy. Focusing on enhancing educational and training qualities (…). Implementing many of necessary solutions in a syndicating way in order to better the tertiary education’s quality, guarantying self-controlled mechanism in harmony with heightening social accountability of educational and training units. Concentrating on constructing crucially leading universities, departments and disciplines with qualified capabilities”

Prior to this document’s issuance, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam sanctioned the Decree 14/2005/NQ/CP on November 2005 about essential and thorough reforms of Vietnamese educational system in the period of 2006-2020. The Decree identifies the overall objective of the reform including initiating fundamental changes on quality, effectiveness and scales in order to match demands to the mission of national industrialization, modernization, to international integration of commerce as well as the peoples’ study. By 2020, Vietnamese tertiary education will have attained the advanced level in the region and put first steps into the advanced level in the world, in which Vietnam will have a highly potential competiveness as well as adaptability to the socialism-oriented market economy.

Understanding the viewpoint and guidance of the Party and the Government about the tertiary educational renewal, implementing strategic plans to develop Vietnam National University HCMC in the period 2011-2015 along with the perspective “Directions to build a system of universities atop of Asian region, which is a Vietnamese convergence focus of science, technology, culture and knowledge”, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities set up and acclaimed its development strategy in the period of 2011-2015.

This enactment is aimed at elaborating the development strategy of VNU HCMC in USSH, thereby giving a direction to the general target for the whole system in 2011-2015 including “To create the most optimized environment and conditions for VNU members to take advantage of their comparative potentials to ameliorate effectively in the diverse, yet same-oriented, coherent and mutually modifying network.”

This document is legislative foundation and orientation for each of faculties, departments, functional offices and centers … in USSH to build their specific activity plans.

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