Summation Conference on French Bilingual Program with Antene AUF, France

​On 12th June, Dr. Pham Tan Ha with some lecturers and representatives from Faculty of Geography, Department of International Cooperation and International Project Development organized a summation conference on Bilingual French Program with Mr. Nguyen Tan Dai – representative for Antene AUF, France.

Dr. Ngo Thi Thu Trang briefly summarized highlights of the program - Pic: HO HIEN  


Dr. Pham Tan Ha – Vice President of USSH responsible for education and training; Dr. Ngo Thi Thu Trang – Head of Training Department; M.A. Bang Anh Tuan – Former Head of International Cooperation & International Project Development Department; Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong - Head of International Cooperation & International Project Development Department; Dr. Pham Gia Tran – Former Dean of Geography Faculty; Dr. Le Thanh Hoa – Dean of Geography Faculty and Dr. Nguyen Tan Dai – representative of AUF in the south jointly attended the meeting.


French Bilingual Program (also known as AUF) was initiated and has been carried out since 1998 with the help of Association of French speaking universities. This program aims to train educated workforce who are proficient in French language in USSH’s Geography Faculty.


Evaluating achievements, Dr. Ngo Thi Thu Trang informed the audience that there have been 1 or 2 students studying abroad in France from the financial aids of AUF or French General Consulate at Vietnam. To date, there are approximately 30 M.A. graduates and 3 doctors from France. All graduates are successful in finding good jobs.


In the coming period, AUF changes its investment strategy in replace of direct funding as in the past. To be specific, AUF will invest in short term for 2-3 years for specific projects. Some investment strategies of AUF include facilitating the faculty in inviting foreign guest lecturers, facilitating in communication and research activities, material search, and sending USSH’s lecturers to study abroad, etc.


Addressing these changes, M.A. Bang Anh Tuan stated that the critical issue at the moment is there must be personel proficient in French at USSH to assist the project. Every project needs to be planned specifically and actively.


Dr. Nguyen Tan Dai – Representative of AUF in the South – shared that with these changes, the core mission of USSH at the moment is drafting feasible projects which can be approved by Vietnam National University. On the other hand, USSH must take full advantage of the aids to foster projects’ success.


French Bilingual Program is the first undergraduate training program of Geography Faculty with experts in Enviromental Geography, Economic Geography and Regional Development, Demographic Geography and Cartography-Remote Sensing-GIS who are trained in French language.


* Some pictures at the meeting:

M.A. Bang Anh Tuan asserted that each project needs to be planned carefully and actively – Pic: HO HIEN


Dr. Nguyen Tan Dai summarized final conclusion at the meeting – Pic: HO HIEN


The whole meeting between two parties – Pic: HO HIEN


Lecturers and representatives after the meeting ends – Pic: HO HIEN



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