Strategic plans about quality assurance

Quality Assurance

The University’s Executive and Party Affairs leaders have an attentive oversight of Quality Assurance (QA) in teaching and learning to ensure the educational quality that the University has committed with society. 
Quality assurance at institutional level: The University has set up and promulgated the Strategic Plan for Quality Assurance Task Development for 2011-2015. The University has also implemented self-assessment process at the request of the VNU-HCMC and the Ministry of Education and Training since 2007.

Quality assurance at program level: Implementing the self-evaluation process of 11 academic programs according to ASEAN University Network on Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) Framework includes Literature, History, English Linguistics and Literature, German Linguistics and Literature, Oriental Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations, Vietnam Studies, Journalism and Communication, and Archives and Records Management. Among them, of the six programs under external assessment, two programs have been qualified for AUN-QA criteria (Vietnam Studies program in 2011, and English Linguistics and Literature program in 2014). The International Relations program is scheduled to have the external review in December, 2014. 

The collection of feedbacks from parties involved in teaching and learning has been conducted on a regular basis. Responses include course evaluations from students, peer remarks from teaching staff, comments and suggestions on curriculum, teaching methodology and teaching facilities from graduates and employers. 

In the period from 2011 to 2015, the University has addressed some basic issues in quality assurance framework as part of the task of enhancing teaching and research quality to become a research university. 

First, the University deems quality assessment and assurance work as an ongoing important task. Annually, the University implements the tasks of monitoring and evaluating the strategic plan on quality assurance in order to review and address issues timely, which aims to reach the educational quality targets. 

Second, the University is building up a team of internal quality assurance (IQA) assessors at faculty level. They receive much attention and support from the school leaders. The IQA assessors are expected to monitor and observe activities based on the quality assurance process, giving developmental feedbacks after the end of every academic year. 

Third, the University is building up the quality assurance framework within the institution: 
• self-evaluating according to the Higher Education Quality Assurance Criteria by the Ministry of Education and Training (every five years) 
• implementing self-assessments at the request of the Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City and the Ministry of Education and Training. 
• ensuring the credibility and efficiency of recording and documenting feedbacks and evidence on academic activities at all levels and program types. 
• identifying issues based on feedbacks for quality enhancement.
• organizing a workshop on quality assurance every two years. 

Fourth, the University increases the number of programs qualified for AUN-QA standards. Based on the fifteen criteria in the AUN-QA Framework, faculties and departments are encouraged to enroll in the five-year academic program self-assessment scheme so that at least one to two programs annually come under the external review at the Vietnam National University-HCMC level and one program is successfully qualified for AUN-QA standards. 

Office of Test Assessment and Quality Assurance
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