Tel: (84-28) 38293828 – Ext. 142
Fax: (84-28) 38221903
E-mail: nguvantrung@hcmussh.edu.vn
Website: http://nvtq.hcmussh.edu.vn/


In 1997, the Department of Chinese Linguistics and Culture was established from the merge of the Department of Chinese Language under the Faculty of Literature, Linguistics and Journalism, and the Department of Chinese Studies under the Faculty of Oriental Studies.
The Department became the Faculty of Chinese Linguistics and Literature in 1999. Now it has 29 members.


The name of the Faculty clearly states its training goal, with much emphasis placed on modern Chinese. Senior students are able to follow lectures given in Chinese. The training is not limited to communication in Chinese. Additionally, students are also provided with the necessary comparative foundation in Chinese and Vietnamese culture.


During the four years of study, in addition to modern Chinese, students also study China’s history, Chinese philosophy, and Chinese arts and literature, as well as taking part in crosscultural activities. The Faculty also makes effort to enable undergraduate students to study overseas or continue postgraduate level at home or abroad.


The Faculty of Chinese Linguistics and Literature is one of the faculties in which international cooperation is particularly extensive, practical and effective. Some of its cooperative programs which have taken place regularly since 2002 are:


1. Student and lecturer exchange programs with GuangxiUniversity - China,

2. Teaching Vietnamese for VietnameseEnglish and English-Vietnamese translation to Ping Xiang Southeast Asian Foreign Language School, China,

3. Teaching Vietnamese for “3+1” student exchange program to Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University - China, Yunnan Normal University - China.

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