Tel: (84-28) 38225009
(84-28) 38293828 – Ext. 147
Fax: (84-28) 38229390
E-mail: vietnamhoc@hcmussh.edu.vn
Website: http://vns.edu.vn/


Established in 1998, the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies comprises of 30 full-time lecturers and many part-time lecturers.


It has 2 departments including:


1. History and Culture of Vietnam;

2. Vietnamese Linguistics and Literature.


The Faculty offers programs for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as provides many Vietnamese Language courses for foreigners. The bachelor’s program of the Faculty is the frst program at the USSH which fulflled all the criteria of Asian University Network in December 2011.


The number of international students from Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Turkey, Turkmenistan, etc. attending the bachelor’s and master’s programs has steadily been increasing. Since 2000, over 50,000 students from 45 countries around the world have attended Vietnamese Language and Culture classes. From 2006 to 2017, over 4,000 people have registered for Vietnamese Profciency Examination.


In addition to bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as Vietnamese language courses, the Faculty offers the Vietnamese cultural excursion program and feldtrip to give students an opportunity for the academic study of language, history and culture of ancient and modern Vietnam.


Moreover, the Faculty has a service center to provide different counseling and support services for its students, many of whom are foreigners so that the students can have favorable environment for learning.


The Faculty also has a Phonetic Lab which allows experimental research in phonetics and interdisciplinary research, such as automatic speech recognition, and speech synthesis to be carried out.

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